Learned Helplessness

As it stands, my school has a problem: we have a significant percentage of students who have grown up learning to be helpless.  They are challenged by college-level work and don’t do it because they haven’t been properly trained.  They do things like plagiarize because they haven’t learned to think.  They drop out because they believe […]

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Blending In The Cloud

Happy New Year!  Lots of people make plans to change things about themselves at this time of year, and since our college is undergoing some major adjustments in 2015, I thought I’d post about some of the of the changes our ID department is planning over the next five years.  One of the major changes is […]

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Love At First Slack

A few months ago, our brilliant provost introduced the Slack communication app to our instructional design team.  It has revolutionized the way we work, increasing our productivity in a fast, clean format.  As part of a team of remote workers that spans from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast with a couple of stops […]

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